4 June 2021

Bordeaux (videos)

Why private property ? II

How does the coming ecological crisis challenge contemporary theories of property?

Oxford, 19/5/2021

Bordeaux, 14/6/2021


Session 1 :

Session 2 :

Session 3 :

Session 4 :


Program of the second day at Université Bordeaux-Montaigne:

8.15 a.m. 9h15 Introduction : Pierre Crétois
Session 1:  Political and economic transitions / Chair: Anna Zielinska (online)
8.15-9.00 a.m. 9h15-10h
  • Jean-Hugues Barthélémy (Paris Nanterre): “The question of private property, indication of and test for the necessity of a political ECO-logy”
9.00-9.45 a.m. 10h-10h45
  • Hadrien Coutant and Scott Viallet Thevenin (Sciences Po Paris): “Towards a democratic and ecological transition of the economy through the State property of capital”
Coffee break
Session 2: Local and global / Chair: Clémence Nasr
10.15-11.00 a.m. 11h15-12h
  • Lilian Valerie Kroth (Cambridge): “Michel Serres and “le propre” – Naturalist understandings of Limits, Law and Property” (online)
11.00-11.45 a.m. 12h-12h45
  • Odile Tourneux (ENS Lyon): “The Suburban Society”
Lunch Break
Session 3: The private and the common / Chair: Karl Widerquist (online)
1.00-2.00 p.m. 14h00-15h
  • Keynote speaker : Simon Caney (University of Warwick), “Resource Rights in the Anthropocene”  (online)
2.00-2.45p.m. 15h-15h45
  • Emmanuel Picavet (Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne), “Rationality issues about the “private” and the “common”
Coffee break
Session 4 : The roots of property / Chair: Eric Fabri
3.15-4.00 p.m. 16h15-17h00
  • Karl Widerquist (Georgetown University, Qatar), “The Prehistory of Private Property” (online)
4.00-4.45 p.m. 17h00-17h45
  • Eva Weiler (Universität Duisburg-Essen); “The tale of absolute dominion and what it tends to hide: the privacy of property, financialisation, and dominant knowledge”