5 May 2021

Oxford (videos)

Why private property ? II

How does the coming ecological crisis challenge contemporary theories of property?

Oxford, 19/5/2021

Bordeaux, 14/6/2021

Session 1 :

Session 2 :

Session 3 :

Session 4 :


Program of the first day in Nuffield College, Oxford

(all times are British Summer Time BST)

Important: The conference is organised in hybrid format. Half of the speakers will present on site in Nuffield, the other half online. All interventions are streamed live on teams.


8h45 – 9h : Introduction – Eric Fabri and Pierre Crétois

9h00-10h30 – Session 1: Private property and ecological issues

  • Chair : Eric Fabri
  • Raisa Simoes and Vicki Birchfield, “Biodiversity and the Digital Transformation: Rethinking Private Property and Global Governance in the 21st Century” (online)
  • Tawan Manakun, “Freedom, private property, and ecological conservation: a coherent perspective from Neo-Roman republicanism.”

—–coffee break

11h-12h30 – Session 2: Private property and climate change

  • Chair: Pierre Crétois (online)
  • Francis Cheneval, “Natural Assets, Property Rights and Custodial Duties – A property-Based Strategy to Curb Climate Change” (online)
  • Cain Shelley, “Climate Change and Contemptuous Ownership”

12h45-13h30 – lunch break

13h30-15h00 –  Session 3: The limits of private property

  • Chair : Cécile Laborde
  • Michel Bourban, “Limitarianism, Ecological Citizenship, and Private Property”
  • Carl Pierer, “The Nature of Property: Reconfiguring the Concept of Labour” (online)

—–coffee break

15h30-17h30 – Session 4: Property, labour, and the environment

  • Chair: Philippe Van Parijs (online)
  • Stuart White, “Liberal arguments for commons-based peer production” (online)